PiBoIdMo Day 30

30 days have come and gone and I can scarcely believe it.  When I started this journey I was interested because of the challenge that was presented on Tara Lazar’s site and the hope of the opportunity it could provide, but through out this month I’ve realized that even if I do not win her drawing I have ‘won’ something far greater.  I earned a sense of accomplishment.  I have 30 new ideas that were not here a few months ago.  I also have a belief that I can follow through if I focus on one thing, which is a wonderful thing when you tend to be a bit… we’ll call it scattered to be kind to me.  I can stick to something and follow it through despite other things that were thrown at me during the month.

That being said I have one more idea to round out the month and I will continue to put posts and the like here.  I have to decide how to grow, but I will continue to do so.  I do not want to give up yet.

PiBoIdMo Day 30

Since I did so well with a desire to stick to it, and paper and pen and the like I am feeling a little engine that could type story, but not the engine so much.  It will be an item (or person) that tries and tries and over comes adversity and reaches their goal after not giving up.

You know, like a little me that could and didn’t give up and finished PiBoIdMo 2010 and still won’t give up and will keep writing and try to get published yet.

I think I can.  I think I can.

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PiBoIdMo Day 29

It is 29 days into PiBoIdMo and I am shocked.  I will reflect on it tomorrow, but I cannot believe how fast the month has gone by.

I would look into it more, but at the moment I am stressed (self induced I realize) because I am not happy with a grade I got in my MBA program (I am being too hard on myself).  I am not sure how to shut myself down, but if this can affect me it can affect others and I know stress is hitting children younger and younger every year so that brought me to my idea.

I may not win the race, but I will finish.  I may not lead the pack, but I will be a contender.  I might not jump the highest or dance the longest, but the song in my heart or the bounce in my step will still be true.  I may not be as fast as others, but I am as fast as I am and that is all I can do.  I can give my best, I can sing my song, I can stand up tall and proud.  On some things I may not be the best, but on others I will tower above.

Something to that affect.  Not 100% on all the words, but we have to watch children and how they are doing more and more because there is stress being dumped on children at younger and younger ages and there are more problems that are popping up in larger numbers than ever before to a much younger generation that it did.  Children need help and support and a chance at a childhood which seems to be ever fleeting and a distance memory of days gone by.  Some days I do not envy children who are young now because of all that is being dumped on them, they need help in more areas than ever before.  We have to help them.

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PiBoIdMo Day 28

Today was an interesting day.  My allergies have been making life not fun at times, but I keep pushing through.  Today, however, I just tried to avoid the itching and annoying moments with medicine and it caused me to sleep a lot.  Not a ton of fun, but I think my body needed it.

I did, however, have time to come up with an idea and I like the one I came up with.  Today, the idea I had was about a Chocolate Maker whose hand made works of art were almost lost as he went on a trek to get a new ingredient and the story of his return.

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PiBoIdMo Catch up

I haven’t had time to get to the website, but do not despair because I have been writing the ideas down on good old fashion paper!  So here I am and we will catch everyone up and keep going!!!

Day 22: A story about a mother (or father) talking about Thanksgiving and how pilgrams were thankful for the aide and surviving the first winter and it was passed on about other people and sharing what they are thankful for and it would end and most of all i am thankful for you.

Day 23: This day was a bit crazy and I had a very very shortened idea about a bunny wabbit that is cuddly and cute.  Stories of the bitty bun bun.

Day 24: I thought of several cool Turkey fun book ideas, or a craft picture book for little peoples.  Or a book on how much fun crafts and more could be for kids and then some supplies and ideas for them.

Day 25: Today I thought of a family story, a story about the holidays and the children sneaking about and more (etc).  I see little animals in stories, but it could be human ones.  I think family and family togetherness has to be remembered.

Day 26: I had a cute idea, well a funny one, on the day after thanksgiving and all through the house only mom was stirring, but not in the house.  She got up real early and headed out to shop so dad and my siblings were left in it out or some such, but fun.

Day 27: I wanted to do the ‘love me book’ about little children who are all different and unique with ‘I have this and I love me’ because self esteem is SO important for every child.

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PiBoIdMo Day 21

This was the most active weekend I have had in a while.  Mainly because I was up early both days!  Today had no naps, but it did have lunch with a friend, studying, a midterm and adventure!

Oh and it had an idea for a kid’s book for PiBoIdMo Day 21!  YAY!

Today’s idea was a twist on a song.  The song was My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean and the twist was about a pet dog that keeps getting into trouble LOL.

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PiBoIdMo Day 20

I think that the arts are not celebrated enough in schools and more and I think that children should be exposed to it more and shown that it is a good and worth while thing to do.

Today my thoughts were on creativity and so I see a picture book… but I see art.  I see all different types of art and at the end I see a page that is ‘framed’ and has area for their work.  I think the page will have a sleeve for pieces of art to slip inside so they can change it as they want.  If the art is 3d or too big they could even take a picture of it to put inside.  It would come with some crayons or some water colors or something to draw with.

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PiBoIdMo Day 19

Another week is rolling down and another Friday is looking for an end.

Today was an idea around a drawing/doodle I had done.  It was a drawing of a cat/girl type and she was younger and I thought it would be good to have all sorts of friends and work on doing something about accepting others for themselves and the importance of friendship.

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