PiBoIdMo Day 17

I just realized that it is the 17th and that means I am better than half way into PiBoIdMo.  Not only that, but I have been coming up with ideas for the last 17 days without missing one day, no matter what.  That makes me feel excited and hopeful that this could be the start of a greater thing than even I dared imagine.  I am not giving up and I am not backing down so here comes day 17’s idea.

A little life in a big world.

Remembering how children are so small that they can’t always reach and do things like others I thought I could use little mice trying to make their mouse life in a big sized world.  The mice could go to school (in a tree outside of the regular school) and get there by catching the school bus (i.e. waiting until it was at their stop and climbing up a ladder on the back that the ‘bus driver’ got before the bus was up and moving) and going up to bed (riding a soap box elevator to the 2nd floor.

I will have to flush it out more, but I feel good about it.


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