PiBoIdMo Day 18

I am fighting to not miss a day on today.  I was going to post and then had a brief, but  upsetting situation arise that I am not going into.  That being said my idea is as follows:

A story about pets and things they do (good and bad) and why.  You can take the animal out of the wild, but there is always a bit of wild in the animal.

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PiBoIdMo Day 17

I just realized that it is the 17th and that means I am better than half way into PiBoIdMo.  Not only that, but I have been coming up with ideas for the last 17 days without missing one day, no matter what.  That makes me feel excited and hopeful that this could be the start of a greater thing than even I dared imagine.  I am not giving up and I am not backing down so here comes day 17’s idea.

A little life in a big world.

Remembering how children are so small that they can’t always reach and do things like others I thought I could use little mice trying to make their mouse life in a big sized world.  The mice could go to school (in a tree outside of the regular school) and get there by catching the school bus (i.e. waiting until it was at their stop and climbing up a ladder on the back that the ‘bus driver’ got before the bus was up and moving) and going up to bed (riding a soap box elevator to the 2nd floor.

I will have to flush it out more, but I feel good about it.

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PiBoIdMo Day 16

5 more minutes

Well, day 16 is here and I am shocked my eyes are open and I am still pushing forward.  My idea is fragmented at best, but at least it is fragmented and here.  I was doodling  turtles and snails and they were cute with butterflies and I felt like a magical garden story.  Something about a drought or something earth friendly and reliable.  Having to clean up a mess (litter) or something like that.

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PiBoIdMo Day 15

I had some great ideas today for a fun and icky picture book.  I want to make a guide to the creepy, crawly, disgusting things that sometimes make people scream (or give them the heebie geebies) where you list bugs/animals etc and then do bubbles of ‘where they can be found’, ‘facts vs. fiction’, ‘why they freak us out’ and things like that.  I thought we could do things including (but not excluding others) like:

  • spiders
  • crickets
  • worms
  • caterpillars
  • moths
  • slugs
  • house centipeds
  • thousand leggers
  • pill bugs
  • flies
  • bees
  • bed bugs
  • termites

Have a great day and keep on dreaming!

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PiBoIdMo Day 14

Well, today has been a fun day.  I spent it napping some and then with a friend for dinner and a totally and utterly unabashed stupid movie just for the fun of it.  It was pointless and stupid and just unnecessary, but it made us laugh.  Then we grabbed some chai tea and headed home.

The idea was hard to come by today, but I have a bit of one that could be expanded on.  I had an idea of a day in a zoo from the animal’s view point.  I thought that could be fun.  Or just a day in a zoo what the various animals do.

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PiBoIdMo Day 13

Today I was thinking a lot about my father and other loved ones that I have lost and it brought me back to the first lost that hit me hard and at the time my father played a crucial part.  It’s a brief story, dealing the hospital, dealing the change and ya.  It’s a touchy subject and an important subject, but it is one that people need to help children with.  They experience, they don’t know about it and when it hits you have to be there and help them.

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PiBoIdMo Day 11

I have to admit that I am a bit impressed that I made it to today with this.  Today was a bit hard as I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with some things and have been dealing with an old allergy that has gotten much worse and much more sensitive that has been driving me batty.

That being said I feel like I came up with a cute idea.  It was ‘the fly who wouldn’t’ and I have the cutest picture of a little fly.  Actually a doodle while waiting on hold was what sparked this.  He is mighty cute.  The premise is this: there is a little fly and as a baby fly he fell out of his crib trying to fly.  That made him scared of heights and now he will ‘jump’ using his wings for extra height, but he won’t fly.  It will be a fitting in (i.e. dealing with being the odd fly out) by trying to fit in with a different group (probably grass hoppers), but then a sage animal will send him back to just try to be a low flying fly and he will and he will get over his fears by saving a friend and if he can be brave for the friend he can be brave for him too.  Or some such like that I haven’t worked everything out, but yes.  That being said I am going to rest.  I hope you all have a great night and continue where the pencil lead.

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