PiBoIdMo Catch up

I haven’t had time to get to the website, but do not despair because I have been writing the ideas down on good old fashion paper!  So here I am and we will catch everyone up and keep going!!!

Day 22: A story about a mother (or father) talking about Thanksgiving and how pilgrams were thankful for the aide and surviving the first winter and it was passed on about other people and sharing what they are thankful for and it would end and most of all i am thankful for you.

Day 23: This day was a bit crazy and I had a very very shortened idea about a bunny wabbit that is cuddly and cute.  Stories of the bitty bun bun.

Day 24: I thought of several cool Turkey fun book ideas, or a craft picture book for little peoples.  Or a book on how much fun crafts and more could be for kids and then some supplies and ideas for them.

Day 25: Today I thought of a family story, a story about the holidays and the children sneaking about and more (etc).  I see little animals in stories, but it could be human ones.  I think family and family togetherness has to be remembered.

Day 26: I had a cute idea, well a funny one, on the day after thanksgiving and all through the house only mom was stirring, but not in the house.  She got up real early and headed out to shop so dad and my siblings were left in it out or some such, but fun.

Day 27: I wanted to do the ‘love me book’ about little children who are all different and unique with ‘I have this and I love me’ because self esteem is SO important for every child.


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