PiBoIdMo Day 30

30 days have come and gone and I can scarcely believe it.  When I started this journey I was interested because of the challenge that was presented on Tara Lazar’s site and the hope of the opportunity it could provide, but through out this month I’ve realized that even if I do not win her drawing I have ‘won’ something far greater.  I earned a sense of accomplishment.  I have 30 new ideas that were not here a few months ago.  I also have a belief that I can follow through if I focus on one thing, which is a wonderful thing when you tend to be a bit… we’ll call it scattered to be kind to me.  I can stick to something and follow it through despite other things that were thrown at me during the month.

That being said I have one more idea to round out the month and I will continue to put posts and the like here.  I have to decide how to grow, but I will continue to do so.  I do not want to give up yet.

PiBoIdMo Day 30

Since I did so well with a desire to stick to it, and paper and pen and the like I am feeling a little engine that could type story, but not the engine so much.  It will be an item (or person) that tries and tries and over comes adversity and reaches their goal after not giving up.

You know, like a little me that could and didn’t give up and finished PiBoIdMo 2010 and still won’t give up and will keep writing and try to get published yet.

I think I can.  I think I can.


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