PiBoIdMo Day 29

It is 29 days into PiBoIdMo and I am shocked.  I will reflect on it tomorrow, but I cannot believe how fast the month has gone by.

I would look into it more, but at the moment I am stressed (self induced I realize) because I am not happy with a grade I got in my MBA program (I am being too hard on myself).  I am not sure how to shut myself down, but if this can affect me it can affect others and I know stress is hitting children younger and younger every year so that brought me to my idea.

I may not win the race, but I will finish.  I may not lead the pack, but I will be a contender.  I might not jump the highest or dance the longest, but the song in my heart or the bounce in my step will still be true.  I may not be as fast as others, but I am as fast as I am and that is all I can do.  I can give my best, I can sing my song, I can stand up tall and proud.  On some things I may not be the best, but on others I will tower above.

Something to that affect.  Not 100% on all the words, but we have to watch children and how they are doing more and more because there is stress being dumped on children at younger and younger ages and there are more problems that are popping up in larger numbers than ever before to a much younger generation that it did.  Children need help and support and a chance at a childhood which seems to be ever fleeting and a distance memory of days gone by.  Some days I do not envy children who are young now because of all that is being dumped on them, they need help in more areas than ever before.  We have to help them.


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