PiBoIdMo Day 15

I had some great ideas today for a fun and icky picture book.  I want to make a guide to the creepy, crawly, disgusting things that sometimes make people scream (or give them the heebie geebies) where you list bugs/animals etc and then do bubbles of ‘where they can be found’, ‘facts vs. fiction’, ‘why they freak us out’ and things like that.  I thought we could do things including (but not excluding others) like:

  • spiders
  • crickets
  • worms
  • caterpillars
  • moths
  • slugs
  • house centipeds
  • thousand leggers
  • pill bugs
  • flies
  • bees
  • bed bugs
  • termites

Have a great day and keep on dreaming!


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Aspiring author.
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