PiBoIdMo Day 11

I have to admit that I am a bit impressed that I made it to today with this.  Today was a bit hard as I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with some things and have been dealing with an old allergy that has gotten much worse and much more sensitive that has been driving me batty.

That being said I feel like I came up with a cute idea.  It was ‘the fly who wouldn’t’ and I have the cutest picture of a little fly.  Actually a doodle while waiting on hold was what sparked this.  He is mighty cute.  The premise is this: there is a little fly and as a baby fly he fell out of his crib trying to fly.  That made him scared of heights and now he will ‘jump’ using his wings for extra height, but he won’t fly.  It will be a fitting in (i.e. dealing with being the odd fly out) by trying to fit in with a different group (probably grass hoppers), but then a sage animal will send him back to just try to be a low flying fly and he will and he will get over his fears by saving a friend and if he can be brave for the friend he can be brave for him too.  Or some such like that I haven’t worked everything out, but yes.  That being said I am going to rest.  I hope you all have a great night and continue where the pencil lead.


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