PiBoIdMo Day 10

Ahhh day 10 actually sprouted partially from day 9.  I had such a grand and fun idea come into my mind about pocket/pocketbook monsters that steal things that I decided to make it grow into a story about a child going on about his day and how this little monster jumped on him and snuck up and took something that he was in charge of and then he tried to chase the little thing down and go through that adventure leading up to the point where he looks at his mother and goes ‘and that is why I don’t have the <name of item goes here> to give you’.  Showing his imagination took him truly on an adventure and it fell out along the way.

It just sounded like a fun little item, I am still working on the on the little monster… I see bits of him, but he is still hiding.  Ah well time to get drawing.

Lets see where the pencil lea.


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