PiBoIdMo Day 9

Today’s idea has been having fun.  It started with a small spark, then it disappeared on it’s own adventure and I started to try to locate it again and finally came up with an adaptation of what was originally planned, but I am liking it.

The Battle of the Bug was a rough idea for a theme/title type.  It started with the idea of a child having a cold and going ‘I’m sick’ in an overly dramatic fashion and the Mom waving it off with ‘you just caught a bug’ and the child’s imagination running wild from there.  (if I caught it, can I let it go?)

To that we add a bit more of misunderstanding mixed with a mistaken fact by an older sibling ‘you can’t let it go your body has to battle it off with the good stuff mom gives you’ and we suddenly have the imagination running into full war mode and the picture I had of a child sick in bed grew to a child with ‘bugs’ on the one side of it ready for a ‘fight’ and healthy things on the other side ready to save the child who is in the middle not looking all that great.

We will have to see where the pencil takes us with that one.  I hope you are having a great day. Keep on dreaming!


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