PiBoIdMo Day 8

The last two days I have been feeling very wordy in my design.  I have not had a lot of images floating in my mind and it seems that today has been a flip of that.  I was at work waiting for someone to pick up a call and I doodled this little guy and suddenly I was hooked.  It was cute and excited, but it clearly needed friends and two more were formed.  Truly it seems to be an odd grouping, but some of the best ones in history have been, and this (I am sure) is no exception.

Without further adieu I introduce to you the three characters:

  • The first one is a happy go lucky chap.  He is fuzzy and he (and others of his type) are very bright in their colors.  They would be bold colors that stand out with definite lines.  Personality wise, they are almost painfully happy, quite excitable and very spontaneous, which is not always a good thing.
  • The second one started to feel like a flip of the first.  He is more compact, almost reminding me of a fantasy dwarf in stature and in mood.  Rather grumpy/negative, but he is an excellent planner.  As he thinks bad things are coming from every direction he is set on planning ways around the trouble to avoid as much of it as possible.  Sometimes, however, his plans involve just staying home because the day is going to be bad anyways, might as not even bother.
  • Lastly, this little waif of a shape came to me.  I had trouble seeing it at first, but it turns out that it is just because it is quite shy.  It is in pale (muted) colors, but it is easily spooked and likes to hide.  Because of its fears it is quite observant and if you want to know something it is who you would look for.  It would make an excellent historian or story teller as it remembers things that others might forget or not pay attention to because they just don’t think it’s important.

So those were the little characters that came to mind and I want to go and sketch them out again while they are fresh.  I hope everyone has a great night.

Keep on dreaming!


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