PiBoIdMo Day 7

Today was a fun day, not only did I go out with family and friends, but we were at a Tricky Tray and I won a few items.  All in All it was fun and we had some laughs.  I did not have a lot of ideas, though, and it took me until late to come up with a fun idea, but my idea did come AND yesterday’s idea really took flight and I got a first draft done of last night’s idea, though there were no drawings done yesterday since I was playing with the words more.  I still was creative and got my idea out.  Today I might try to do both tonight, but I am not sure if I will be doing art for last night’s idea or tonight’s because tonight’s feels cute to me.

Ah, so you ARE curious?  Well tonight I hope I do not disappoint.  My idea is Baby Bear Doesn’t Care and it will be about a little bear that just does not want to get up and out of bed.  I can just picture visions of the bear in a twin size bed with paws sticking out of a blanket that is covering a big furry lump.  Or the baby bear rolling over with his bottom hanging half off etc etc.  Time for me to go work on a rough draft and see where we can go.

Time to see where the pencil lead.  Until next time, keep on dreaming!


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