PiBoIdMo Day 6

So here we are at day six and I just finally had a bit of a break through with my idea at the 9:30 mark.  Today was a good day, but there was a lot of serious topics floating around in my head (classes today) and I still had ideas about yesterday’s PiBoIdMo growing so I was at a bit of a stall, but I came down and started to think about it and suddenly it hit me.  (I think feeling a bit of a chill helped as well).

I know how children (and individuals) can feel like they aren’t making a difference, that they aren’t anything special and can’t do anything.  So my idea was “One Little Flake”.  I am pretty excited and keep playing with ideas and words.  Hopefully it will turn out good.  I am quite optimistic.  Guess we just have to see where the pencil leads.

Until then, keep on dreaming



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