PiBoIdMo Day 5

Day five spun me around and despite the challenges I managed to have an excellent day and I am ending it in good spirits.  Work was good, though  my head bothered me for a bit, I spent some great time with family and in the middle of it I had an idea grow.  This one came less in images to me and more in concept.  In fact, I am actually having trouble visualizing some of the pictures and the like.  That being said, I am actually quite pleased by what I came up with.  A quick drum roll please…

The name is: “That no good, totally bad, not happy yucky feeling” and it went through a metamorphosis of sorts.  Truthfully the name came first because my stomach was a bit off and I wasn’t sure how to explain to me how I was feeling.  So the name came first.  Then, I started with the idea of a child over hearing something and taking it the wrong way, but then said OR it could be on being made fun of at school with the bullying, but that is a bit older than I wanted (both ideas) and I brought it to Emotions & explaining how you feel when you aren’t exactly sure yourself.  This book would be good for not only children, but for autistic children who have trouble with facial emotional recognition and it is designed to be made as a tool to be used to help children start to recognize feelings and how to express them properly.  For example: if someone hurts our feelings we should TELL them not throw something at them or be mean etc OR if I am very sad about something it is alright to cry.  Everyone cries from time to time.  It is to help foster that emotions are good and healthy.

Infants and children have to learn and get cognitive grasps on everything they experience in life.  They have to have interactions and explain how they feel and if you take a book that is interactive between the reader and the child(ren) it can be educational and fun.

Sadly, however, the clock slows for no one and it is getting later and there is much to be done tomorrow.  It is time to call it a night.

There is always tomorrow so I’ll have to see where the pencil takes me.  Until then, keep on dreaming.


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