PiBoIdMo Day 4

Day four is upon us and I can hear the choo choo chugging down the tracks and all I can say is ‘Woo woo!’.

Last night I had family over so I did not get to write as much as I wanted and, truthfully, was not planning on drawing (even though I have drawn after blogging here for each and every one of the other days).  So I went upstairs and got in bed, took of my glasses, turned off the lights and snuggled up all warm and cozy and lay there and in the back of my head I heard it.

Ahh Mr. Poe, it wasn’t a heart, but it was the tell tale pencil and it was in the box by my bed going ‘scritch scritch scritch’ crying out for me to take it from it’s enclosure and to draw, to doodle, to get the vision out of my head and onto paper and like the beating of the buried heart the sound grew too strong so I threw off my covers, fumbled in the dark for my glasses and the light and took up my pad and started to draw.  The pencil cried out in it’s happiness and soon the words flew on the page with the line going down showing the circus springing forth from the line and where it had been leading off to the blank right side to where the pencil lead and beautiful blank slate for the imagination that to pour forth on.

Which lead to today, day four, where I had an old friend who has played in my mind for a while dance out, but Moo was feeling playful.  The cat decided it was not time to simply be the wonderful cat, but Moo decided day four was the time for a theatrical break through and (on breaks at work) I managed to sketch on 2 blank 3 by 5 cards (which are one of my favorite things to draw and play with because then I can cut them out and stick them around me at work to make me smile) 2 ideas of Moochie and her stage aspirations.  Moochie was never a cat to let things hold her back in life and I certainly could not even imagine of letting art or anything else hold her back on the page.

This lead to two drawings:

  • Moochie as Hamlet standing with a Shakespearean cap with a feather and the ruffled collar holding up a ‘dead mouse toy’ and beneath the drawing I wrote ‘Alas poor Mouseick I knew him, Pupatio, a mousey of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy’
  • Moochie as the Phantom of the Opera (with the mask standing above a rose) with the quote of ‘And listen to the meowing of the night’.

But I have had desires for other ones that may be where I am heading to next including:

  • Moochie trying out for the Lion King (but she would have to be Raffiki she couldn’t just go for the type casted position).
  • Moochie in Les Mis
  • Moochie as a Toy Soldier rockette for the Christmas Show

I’ll have to see where the pencil takes me.  Until then, keep on dreaming.


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