PiBoIdMo Day 3

Day three for PiBoIdMo came in like a lion and has now turned into a Tasmanian Devil and spun completely out of control on me.

The only positive thing is this… I had my idea for day three hit last night and oh when it the idea grabbed a hold of me and my fingers flew.  I don’t have the child fully, but I think I am starting to see… I keep closing my eyes looking and seeing the pencil and a hand, but the nails are a bit unkempt.  I am starting to look up the hand and I see a sleeve, but… I can only see a shadow, I think it is a boy.  I am making it out more and I am hoping that it will be a day or so until I see him fully.  Maybe a day or so with the pencil and I will start to see once more.  See who it is…

So day three is where the pencil lead.


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